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Salvatore Ferrara was just 16 years old when he left his home in Nola, Italy in 1900 and emigrated to the United States. He brought with him the art of Italian pastry making and confectionery, skills which would eventually lead him to open the first Italian pastry and candy shop on Taylor Street in Chicago's Little Italy. An instant success, he was recognized throughout the city and suburbs for his fine pastries, wedding cakes and confections.


He soon met and married Serafina Pagano and they labored together to provide Chicago with wonderful desserts and candies. Through hard work and commitment to the use of quality ingredients, they made a lasting name for themselves. Serafina, a dynamic business personality and philanthropist, was loved by all who knew her and was known as "The Angel of Halsted Street". She is still remembered today.


Eager to meet new challenges, Salvatore put Serafina in charge of the bakery and concentrated his efforts on expanding the candy business, launching the Ferrara Pan Candy Company.  Ferrara Pan Candy Company would go on to create such favorites as Lemonheads and Atomic Fireballs, which are distributed worldwide today.


The third generation of Ferrara's proudly carries on the tradition of providing its customers with a wide variety of delicious desserts of the highest quality. Ferrara's Signature Italian Cannoli Cake has become a tradition for thousands, enjoyed through the generations.


Just as Salvatore did when he began in 1908, we take extreme pride in preparing our products with only the freshest and purest ingredients. We use the finest imported spices and never any artificial flavorings or preservatives. Our products will certainly add that elegant crowning touch that sets your wedding or special event apart from the rest.


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